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Issue Position: Winning In Iraq

Issue Position

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Issue Position: Winning In Iraq

The Meuser Plan for Succeeding in Iraq

America's frustration with some of the news out of Iraq is understandable. We have all been frustrated with the intelligence failures as well as the, at times, ineffective management of the conflict. Despite some of these frustrations, America still wants to win in Iraq. Thanks to a change in tactics, we have begun to see some evidence of success.

Too many in the Democratic Party have used the difficulties in Iraq as a political weapon. Many went as far as to vote against General Petreaus' request for additional troops in order to secure the country, known today as "the surge." Well those Democrats who voted against the surge have largely been proven wrong. The surge is working to secure Iraq, and for the first time in some time we have seen progress being made.

Despite the early success of the surge, we still have more work to do. As a member of Congress, Dan Meuser will fight to keep us on track to creating a stable Iraq. He'll respect the requests of the commanders and he will never use the situation as a political weapon to score points at the polls.

The Meuser Plan for Succeeding In Iraq

1. Strengthen the Iraqi Forces. Now that we have increased the security in Iraq, we must focus on training a capable security force made up of the Iraqi people, both at the national army and local police force levels. We must continue to accelerate the training of these forces so that the future
of Iraq's security lies with the Iraqis.

2. Work Towards Political Stability. The troops in Iraq have done their job on the ground fighting the insurgents; the diplomats have not been as successful in the non-military aspects that are necessary to end the war. We must stabilize the situation between the Sunnis, Shias, and Kurds and help end the sectarian violence taking place. We also must work to improve the lives of the average Iraqis, through an effort of reconstruction, representative government, and economic development.

3. Continue The Counter-insurgency Strategy. The biggest failure of the prosecution of the War in Iraq has been the way we went about trying to secure the country. Rather than pursuing the counter-insurgency some leaders suggested, we took an old style approach to securing the country. With our recent change in tactics, we have begun to see some success. By securing and holding the localities, we have in essence extinguished the environment where insurgents can re-organize. We can also cut off the flow of weapons and insurgents by securing the border of Iraq.

4. Work to Bring Our Troops Home. Everybody wants the same thing - to safely bring our troops home as soon as possible. However, while our brave men and women are in harms way, we must give them the equipment and resources they need to accomplish their mission. We need to continue to work towards bringing our soldiers home, but to pull our troops out en masse right now would create an unstable Iraq and a victory for the terrorists. The American people want to see us succeed in Iraq. As long as that success is possible and we show the American people we are making progress towards our ultimate goal, we will continue to see support for our efforts grow.

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