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Issue Position: Stopping Runaway Spending

Issue Position

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Issue Position: Stopping Runaway Spending

The Meuser Plan for Restoring Fiscal Discipline

Runaway spending in Washington DC threatens the health of our economy. Dan Meuser is the type of candidate who can go to Washington, taking with him his conservative values and business experience to be a leader in the effort to restore fiscal discipline.

As President of Pride Mobility Products, Dan has over 20 years of successful business experience. Over that time, Dan and his family transformed Pride from a specialty furniture manufacturer with 25 employees to the international leader in the production of mobility products for seniors and the disabled. Dan was able to do this by implementing conservative business principles.

Dan is the only candidate running for Congress in the 10 th District who has the experience of dealing with a $300 million per year budget. He has experience balancing the budget, cutting spending, measuring the return on an investment, and being accountable.

As a member of Congress, Dan will take his 20 years of business experience and his conservative values to Washington DC to stop runaway spending and restore fiscal discipline.

The Meuser Plan for Restoring Fiscal Discipline

1. Reform Our Earmarking System. Our earmarking system is out of control in Washington DC. Wasteful spending occurs as members of Congress horse trade for pet projects. This results in funding peanut storage facilities, cowboy museums, and Ewe Lamb relocation programs. We need commonsense spending reform, including ending anonymous earmarks thereby forcing each individual project to come to the floor for an up or down vote. This will force each proposal to be evaluated on its merits rather than becoming part of the Washington DC deal.

2. Shrink the Size of Government. We need to shrink the size of government and get the federal government back to doing the core functions it was designed to do. Government has grown out of control. We have to root out wasteful spending so that we are spending taxpayers' money more efficiently. We can also save more than $21 billion a year by shrinking the size of the federal workforce by 20% through attrition and retirement. According to the Congressional Budget Office, in the next decade, 300,000 bureaucrats will retire, and by replacing only half of them, we can save more than $21 billion and shrink the size of the federal government without jeopardizing services.

3. Pass a Balanced Budget Amendment. The ability of the federal government to spend more money than it takes in is remarkable and hurtful to our economy. We must pass an amendment to The United States Constitution that forces the budget to be balanced every year. Our families have to do that at home with their checkbooks and Congress should have to do the same.

4. Pass Line Item Veto Amendment. We need to empower the President with line item veto authority so that he can veto specific wasteful spending that Congress passes without having to veto an otherwise good piece of legislation. The President would have the ability to work in the nation's best interest, as opposed to a specific Congressional District's, stripping wasteful spending like a "bridge to nowhere" or money for "peanut storage".

5. Implement Super Majority Rule for Increasing Taxes. Congress should pass a rule requiring that in order for any tax increase to pass, it must have the support of 2/3rds of both Chambers of Congress. This would make it much harder to implement the tax and spend policies that we see coming out of Washington DC right now.

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