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Issue Position: Securing Our Borders

Issue Position

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Issue Position: Securing Our Borders

The Meuser Plan for Combating Illegal Immigration

When it comes to securing our borders and combating illegal immigration, the politicians in Washington DC have let us down. Instead of dealing with this growing problem, they have sat back and watched as more than 20 million illegal immigrants have come across our borders. Worse yet, their "solution" to the problem has been a proposal to grant amnesty to those who have come to this country illegally. While Dan Meuser believes that America must continue to be a welcoming nation, he is also a strong conservative who believes that immigrants must come to this country legally. After 9/11, border security isn't just about illegal immigration, it is about national security.

As a Member of Congress, Dan Meuser will take his conservative values to Washington DC and fight for secure borders and a safer America.

The Meuser Plan for Combating Illegal Immigration

1. Oppose Amnesty In Any Form. We cannot reward illegal aliens who break the law. Amnesty as a policy undermines the laws we currently have on the books in regards to illegal immigration.

2. Fund The Fence. Congress needs to fully fund the 854 mile border fence along our Southern border and complete it by 2010 as required by law. This fence will increase our security and help us seal off our Southern border, cutting illegal immigration dramatically.

3. Increase the Size of the Border Patrol. Increasing the current number of border patrol agents to over 25,000 will help us better patrol and secure our borders.

4. End Sanctuary Cities. Rather than rewarding cities that knowingly break the law, we should cut off discretionary funds to any city or state that, as a matter of policy, serve as havens for illegal immigrants.

5. Use Technology to Track Entrance and Exit. One of the biggest contributors to illegal immigration are individuals who come here legally but overstay Americas' hospitality, illegally. We need to create a database of non-citizens in our country, use technology to monitor our progress in border enforcement, and study proposals to create a tamper proof ID card.

6. Deport Illegal Aliens Committing Crimes. We must commit ourselves to deporting any illegal alien who is found to have committed a crime here in the United States. Currently, we only deport 14% of those who are arrested.

7. Support English as official Language. Before any immigrant can become a United States Citizen, we should require them to read, write, and speak English.

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