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Issue Position: Protecting America

Issue Position

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Issue Position: Protecting America

The Meuser Plan for Fighting the War on Terror

America finds itself in the middle of a struggle against a radical offshoot of the Islam religion that is committed to destroying America because of the very principles that were so important to our forefathers. This war was not a war of our choosing, but we must be committed to winning the War on Terror, including the battle in Iraq.

Dan Meuser understands the need to make a commitment to winning the Global War on Terror. His conservative beliefs and his commitment to protecting America are important as he stands up to the liberal policies of Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in Congress, such as the lack of fortifying our military commanders' request for additional troops and the "date certain surrender" plans that they have tried to force President Bush to accept.

While no single member of Congress gets to dictate the foreign policy of an administration, members do play a key role in voting to fund our efforts as well as standing with the troops to support their mission. As a Congressman, Dan Meuser will make sure our brave men and women have everything they need to carry out their mission and return home safely.

The Meuser Plan for Fighting the War On Terror

1. Strengthen Our Military. We need to make sure that our troops fighting this war have everything they need in order to be successful. We need ensure they have the necessary technology and skills to win a non-linear war. Congress also should increase the size of the American Military in order to meet the challenges of today's War on Terror. We need to make sure that we are constantly updating the training, tactics, and weaponry of the armed forces.

2. Improve Intelligence. The intelligence failures of the past few years can no longer be tolerated in this dangerous world. Congress must make sure that the CIA, FBI, DHS, and other homeland security and intelligence communities are working in seamless integration so that we can produce the solid intelligence we need to make decisions of consequence in the War on Terror. Provisions in the Patriot Act allow these agencies to work together and share information to prevent future attacks. We must also, continue to disrupt and dismantle terrorist financial and fundraising networks as well increase the penalties for those supporting these groups.

3. Remain on Offense. September 11 th showed that America needs to remain on the offensive in the War on Terror. Congress must continue to support efforts to defeat Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, and other terrorist organizations. Iraq and Afghanistan have become fronts in these wars, and we must continue to defeat the terrorists in these critical battlegrounds. We need to put rogue nations on notice that we will not stand by while they attempt to acquire technologies that can threaten America, such as weapons of mass destruction.

4. Build Our Allies. We need to continue to reach out to new allies in the War on Terror so that more nations take up the cause of eradicating radical terror groups in order to protect innocent nations from attacks like we suffered on 9/11.

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