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Issue Position: Protecting Our Second Amendment Rights

Issue Position

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Issue Position: Protecting Our Second Amendment Rights

As a life member of the National Rifle Association and as a sportsman, Dan Meuser will stand up for the rights of sportsmen and for the 2 nd Amendment. Dan believes that our forefathers were clear in their intentions - they wanted us to have the absolute right to bear arms.

Gun control advocates believe that the way to stop criminals from committing crimes is to prevent law abiding citizens from having guns. This type of backward logic doesn't help prevent crime, it does prevent individuals from defending themselves. The rights of sportsmen and gun owners to possess firearms is a fundamental right that we need to protect. We need to have members of Congress willing to fight for our rights as sportsmen and law abiding gun owners. Dan Meuser will stand up for our Second Amendment rights.

Dan Meuser Will Protect Our Second Amendment Rights

1. Oppose Any Attempt to Infringe On Our Second Amendment Rights. Dan Meuser will vote against ANY attempt to limit the rights of law abiding citizens to own firearms. Dan supports the DC Court of Appeals ruling that the 2 nd Amendment is an individual right.

2. Oppose Geographical Gun Control. As our Congressman, Dan Meuser will oppose liberal gun control advocates efforts to allow local municipalities the ability to make their own gun laws. This would create a situation that would see America have tens of thousands of different sets of gun laws and would make someone a criminal for carrying their firearm from one municipality to the next.

3. Protect Gun Shows. Dan Meuser will oppose gun show restriction bills that masquerade as restrictions aimed at shutting down gun shows. These bills have been introduced in almost every session of Congress, and sportsmen can count on Dan Meuser to stand up against them.

4. Oppose Gun Registrations. Dan Meuser will oppose any type of gun registration program, including HR 96 currently in front of Congress. This bill creates a list of "vendors" for gun shows that would force citizens who sell even one firearm to list themselves as gun owners. These type of back door registrations will only lead to an overall registration of every firearm sportsmen own. Dan supports the Firearm Owners Protection Act (1986) that prohibits a national registry.

5. Protect Hunting and Conservation Efforts. Dan Meuser supports efforts by the federal government to invest in wildlife conservation and to protect investments in wildlife restoration. Programs such as the Fish and Wildlife Refuse System, the Migratory Bird Treaty Reform Act of 1998, and the
Food Security Farm Bill are important programs that must be continued.

6. Support Range Protection. Continue to advocate for a safe harbor for hunters through range protection. Range protection protects hunters from harassment from animal rights activists by making interfering with a legal hunt a crime.

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