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Issue Position: Keeping Taxes Low

Issue Position

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Issue Position: Keeping Taxes Low

The Meuser Plan for Relieving the Tax Burden for Families

Tax relief is under attack in Washington DC by the Democrats in Congress. As a matter of fact, the Democrats and Chris Carney in the House of Representatives voted for the largest tax increase in America's history to pay for their excessive spending.

Dan Meuser understands what tax relief means to working families. Growing up in a working class, Dan understood quickly the importance of savings and investment. Thanks to the Republican tax cuts of 2001 and 2003, American families today get to keep more of what they make. Thanks to those tax cuts, we eliminated the Marriage Penalty, the Estate Tax, cut taxes for every taxpayer, and increased the child tax credit. But now, all of that tax relief is at risk.

Dan Meuser has signed the Americans for Tax Reform pledge to vote against any tax increase while he is a member of Congress. In fact, Dan will fight to make the 2001 and 2003 Republican tax cuts permanent and to offer additional tax relief to working families.

The Meuser Plan for Relieving the Tax Burden for Families

1. Make the Tax Cuts Permanent. Congress needs to act immediately to make the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts permanent. The Democrats in Congress have proposed rolling back many of these tax cuts, which would hurt working families, costing the average Pennsylvania family more than $3,000 a year.

2. Kill the Death Tax Once And For All. We must kill the death tax once and for all by making the elimination permanent. The death tax represents unfair double taxation that threatens family farms and small businesses, forcing working families to lose everything the generation before them worked hard to build.

3. Protect The Marriage Relief. We need to end the marriage penalty once and for all as well. Couples should no longer be penalized for getting married, and we have to make permanent this important tax relief for families.

4. Protect the Child Tax Credit. The Child Tax Credit offers families with children real tax relief, and we must make this tax relief permanent.

5. Pass a Clean AMT Elimination Bill. We must eliminate the Alternative Minimum Tax to offer more than 25 million taxpayers relief from unfair taxation. The Alternative Minimum Tax, once crafted to "tax the rich," has now begun to affect middle-income families unfairly. Although the Democrats passed a version of this relief in December, they did so only after Democratic leaders promised them that they will pay for it with a tax increase next year, as reported by the Hill newspaper. We need real AMT relief that helps working families, not more Democratic tax increases.

6. Cut Marginal Rates. With our economy beginning to show signs of softness, we need to pass further cuts in the marginal rates so that every taxpayer can see more tax relief. This will allow taxpayers to keep more of what they make and lead to further investments in our economy.

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