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Issue Position: Fighting For Our Values

Issue Position

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Issue Position: Fighting For Our Values

Dan Meuser Shares Our Conservative Values

The values of Central and Northeastern Pennsylvania come from our belief in hard work, honor, and protecting the most innocent among us. We are a conservative area that deserves a Congressman who shares our values and will go to Washington to fight for what we believe in. Dan learned these values at home growing up the son of a police officer and a working mom. The values that were instilled in Dan early in life are still present today. Dan is a principled conservative who believes these values are an inherent part of our area's heritage. Dan believes in a strict interpretation of the Constitution and separation of powers. Judges should say what the law is, not what the law should be.

As our Congressman, Dan will go to Washington and stand up for the rights of the unborn, the 2 nd Amendment, and traditional marriage.

Dan Meuser Shares Our Conservative Values

1. Support the Pro-Life Agenda. Dan will stand shoulder to shoulder with the pro-life movement in Washington DC working to protect the sanctity of human life and the rights of the unborn. As our Congressman, Dan will join the pro-life caucus in Washington DC and work towards creating a culture of life that welcomes and protects all human life.

2. Protect the 2 nd Amendment. As a hunter and Life Member of the National Rifle Association, Dan Meuser understands the importance of protecting the 2 nd Amendment. As a member of Congress, Dan Meuser will never vote to restrict the absolute individual right of law abiding citizens to keep and bear arms.

3. Protect Traditional Marriage. It seems like everyday we read about a liberal judge who is looking to undo conservative laws put into place to protect our values. Dan supports the Defense of Marriage Act. Dan also supports an Amendment to The United States Constitution to define marriage.

4. Outlawing Flag Desecration. The flag is the symbol of our country and Dan Meuser would support an amendment to the United States Constitution that protects the flag from being desecrated. This symbol of our freedoms, which so many have sacrificed to preserve, deserves protecting.

5. Supporting Voluntary Prayer in Schools. Dan Meuser supports voluntary prayer in public schools. The founding fathers didn't mean to exclude religion from public life; they merely meant to stop a centralized religion. We must preserve our heritage and terms like "under God" in our pledge and "in God we trust" on our currency. Therefore, Dan supports the freedom to express your religious beliefs in any setting, including students in public schools.

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