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Issue Position: Educating Our Future

Issue Position

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Issue Position: Educating Our Future

Nothing is more important to the future of our nation than education. We must ensure that we are doing everything we can to see that future generations receive the quality of education that they deserve and need to compete in today's global economy.

Dan Meuser believes that the federal government's role in education should be limited and granted to the States. We however, have an obligation to close the achievement gap in our schools so that the quality of education is not determined by zip code, and the federal government can help the States do that. As a leader in business, Dan Meuser knows first hand the importance of education. Students will face tremendous competition when they reach the job market, and as a Member of Congress, Dan Meuser will work for education reform that promotes that same competition and choice in order to assure quality education for our students.

The Dan Meuser Plan for Educating Our Future

1. Promote Options In Education. We can no longer sit by while schools fail our children. We must offer students in failing schools a lifeline in the form of opportunity scholarships that will inject competition into the education system as well work towards smaller class sizes. A tax credit for private education should be available to parents of students in failing public schools. Parents can then rescue their children from a failed education system by sending them to a private school, a charter school, or even begin home schooling them. This flexibility will improve public schools through competition while making sure that every child has access to quality education.

2. Reform No Child Left Behind. We need to work with the educational community to reform the No Child Left Behind law while working to protect the increased accountability the law injected into the educational system. We must explore ways to offer achieving states more flexibility and to get states that fall under the goals the additional help they need.

3. Institute a Home School Tax Credit. Home schooling is an important part of education, but one that is too often overlooked by the federal government. Parents who decide to home school their children incur thousands of dollars a year in educational expenses in addition to their investment of time. We should support a home school tax credit for education to help defray some of these costs for parents who choose this avenue of education for their children.

4. Improve Flexibility for States in Special Education. We need to reform the way that we allow states to use Federal IDEA funds that are targeted for special education. We should allow them to have increased flexibility so that special needs students have increased choices in education.

5. Improved Educational Options for Military Families. We need to establish a program that offers educational scholarships to the children of all active military families so that they can attend private or a non-assigned public school of their choice. This will give military families added flexibility and lessen one of the biggest concerns with reenlistment.

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