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Stimulus Should Focus on Middle-Class and Small Business


Location: Washington, DC

Stimulus Should Focus on Middle-Class and Small Business

Today, Congressman Steve Pearce discussed the
potential economic slowdown and needed tax relief for the middle-class
and small businesses on KSWV-Radio in Santa Fe:

"The best way to inject a stimulus into the economy is to put the
money in the hands of those who will reinvest it quickly. Our
middle-class is being squeezed daily by increased food and energy
prices. A tax cut for the middle-class would help alleviate those
costs immediately and lessen the damage to working families caused by
the potential slowdown. Likewise, small businesses need to make
investments to grow and create more jobs. Having cash available for
those investments is critical for those businesses to keep operating
without having to make dramatic cutbacks."

"I am not going to consider raising taxes, particularly if they are driven by
increased spending on programs that will do nothing to help Americans
and small businesses immediately. I believe New Mexicans and many
around the country are unsettled by the level of spending by the
federal government in recent years. We don't need the same old
policies that raise taxes and end up doing less with more."

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