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Pearce: Reduce Burden on Middle-Class and Small Business for Economic Growth


Location: Washington, DC

Pearce: Reduce Burden on Middle-Class and Small Business for Economic Growth

Today, in an interview with the Truth or Consequences Herald, Congressman Steve Pearce outlined his support for an economic stimulus that would benefit middle-class families and small businesses and grow the economy:

"A stimulus package that contains tax cuts for all Americans and investment incentives for small businesses should go a long way in reducing any long-term effects of an economic slow down. Families need to pay their bills now and businesses need an alternative to letting workers go, so it is imperative we get a stimulus into the hands of people who will use it quickly. We have an opportunity to do that through tax deductions, credits and rebates, but it must be large, broad-based and immediate.

"The housing crunch is compounding the problem. Home ownership is an American dream and we shouldn't let that become a casuality of this current challenge. I want to make sure New Mexicans have access to home loans so our state can continue to prosper even while the market makes adjustments. I think we can reduce the burden on working families and small businesses, maintain access to home loans and stimulate the economy without dramatic increases in spending. If we can do that, I believe New Mexico will come out in good shape on the other end."

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