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Pearce: New Mexico Plays Vital Role in Our National Defense Strategy


Location: Washington, DC

Pearce: New Mexico Plays Vital Role in Our National Defense Strategy

Today, Congresman Steve Pearce made the following comments on KLVF-Las Vegas while discussing the need to maintain a strong national defense and stay aggressive in the war against radical jihadists.

"America continues to have the smartest and strongest fighting force in the world and New Mexico plays a vital role in our national defense strategy. The laboratories at Los Alamos and Sandia as well as our military bases provide both intellectual and tactical training grounds for our forces. I feel strongly that we should continue to support these facilities and the strategic mission they carry out."

"The war against radical Islamic terrorism is this generation's great struggle. We must take the fight to where they are or they will certainly bring the fight to us. That means ensuring our military is equipped and prepared and our intelligence services have the tools they need to intercept terrorist communications before they can carry out attacks. This is what we in Congress owe to the brave men and women out on the frontlines of the war on terror who protect our freedoms and our way of life."

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