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Concurrent Resolution on the Budget for Fiscal Year 2009

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Madam Chairman, we have an administration that says support the troops, support the troops, support the troops. Then they give us the budget that cuts support for veterans over the next 5 years, year by year by year, and with a modest increase for health care that barely covers inflation. It cut every single account in the veterans budget, including construction, including research, all of the way through. So we restore, if I'm correct, Mr. Edwards, we restore all of those cuts.

And for the seventh year in a row, the President said, Let's increase enrollment fees. Let's double the pharmaceutical copays, and we, for the seventh year in a row are saying ``no.'' But not only did they increase the fees, they made a calculation that several hundred thousand veterans would not be able to pay those fees and be thrown out of the health care system. That, in a time of war where we got our troops fighting, they're going to throw veterans out of the VA health care system. That is disgraceful, and we said ``no'' to that.

And I thank the gentleman for making sure that we respected these warriors. It's part of the cost of war to treat the veterans correctly. Mr. Edwards and Mr. Spratt, you provided for those veterans. The whole country thanks you.


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