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25th Anniversary of Veterans Upward Bound

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. KENNEDY. Mr. President, it is a privilege to take this opportunity to commend the Veterans Upward Bound Program and all those associated with it on its 25th anniversary.

Hundreds of students at the University of Massachusetts have benefited from the program and gone on to earn bachelors, masters, and doctorate degrees. These veterans are using the same enthusiasm and drive that made them exemplary members of our Armed Forces, and are now vital forces for positive change in their communities.

For many years, the TRIO programs have been available to help more young men and women in our society to understand that college is within their reach. The Veterans Upward Bound Program does the same for veterans. It provides a bridge to help those who have served our country so well make the transition into college. Veterans learn how to use the benefits available from the Veterans Administration and from veterans' associations and State and local veterans programs to obtain the information and skills they need to qualify for college. Every year, nearly 5,000 veterans are served by this impressive program and go on to college.

Many of us share a strong commitment to the belief that each of us can make a difference in improving the world around us, and all of us must try. Enabling veterans to continue their education is in the best tradition of our country.

These are very difficult days in our history. As our service men and women return to civilian life, education can often have an essential and prominent role in their futures, and in the Nation's future too. Veterans Upward Bound programs are an important part of a nationwide grassroots effort to enable our veterans to improve their own lives and continue to keep our Nation strong in many different ways.

The talented professionals who carry out these programs so well deserve our gratitude. On this special anniversary, I commend them for all they do so well to make college a reality for our veterans.

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