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CD 12 Congressional Candidate Mike Moloney Suggests Calling Off Special Election

Press Release

Location: Burlingame, CA

CD 12 Congressional Candidate Mike Moloney Suggests Calling Off Special Election

Congressional Candidate Mike Moloney to Candidates McMurry, Conlon and Hermanson: Let's call off the special election of April 8.

My fellow candidates:

I feel very strongly that we should call off the special election of April 8 to replace the late Tom Lantos, and concede the seat to the princess Ms. Jackie Speier. By doing so, we will save the taxpayers of the 12th Congressional District approximately, one million dollars. After all, the San Mateo and San Francisco county newspapers, pundits, and the political establishment have already declared her a winner.

She has been declared a winner, it is all a charade, and we are being used as puppets to give her crowning legitimacy. The local news media will not sponsor a debate, will not demand a debate, and frankly they do not have the ability to ask the tough questions regarding foreign affairs. In other words, because of all the cutbacks in the news industry, and the consolidation of the news, local reporters do not have the time to educate the people.

"The election" is a farce. Jackie Speier lays claim to late Congressman Tom Lantos' seat. Tom Lantos, to the day of his untimely passing, was working to extricate the United States from Iraq and to bring the troops home. Jackie Speier, as Tom Lantos himself stated, has absolutely no prior foreign policy experience, yet this congressional race is mostly about foreign policy. You see why, I consider this whole process a waste of time. What do you think?

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