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MSNBC "Hardball" - Transcript


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MSNBC "Hardball" - Transcript

MR. MATTHEWS: Joining me now is U.S. Congressman Patrick Murphy, whose new book is called "Taking the Hill -- From Philly to Baghdad to United States Congress."

Patrick, you're a young man. You had to go in there today. I think you were David against Goliath, I would say fairly enough, or else some other metaphor I can think of. What was it like to follow Bill Clinton, one of the best spellbinders, one of the best talkers, who's carried Philly himself a number of times, when you had a matchup with him today on behalf of Barack Obama?

REP. MURPHY: Yeah, well, there were some pretty big shoes to fill. But, you know, I just went in there, Chris, and I spoke from my heart. And the reality of it is, today was a big win for the Barack Obama campaign, the fact that the Clinton machine had their big ticket, President Clinton, go in there seeking that endorsement. And at the end of the day, they did not endorse Hillary Clinton. So that's a big win for Barack Obama.

But, you know, I'd like to highlight, Chairman Brady had it exactly right. We're one Democratic family. We need to make sure that the head of our family going into this election in November has our best chance, and I believe that's Barack Obama.

MR. MATTHEWS: Well, listening to the chairman of the Philadelphia City Committee, Mr. Brady, I think he said when the candidates get before him, when they both show up, that there's a good chance there will be an endorsement of one or the other. He wasn't sure on that factor, but he certainly thought that was a prospect.

REP. MURPHY: Well, I think that the momentum that Barack Obama has established throughout the country, the fact that he's won most states, the fact that he has gotten this incredible amount of volunteers to join his campaign, so many people that have never been involved in politics before. And the most important part, Chris, is that, you know, Barack Obama is reaching across the aisle and getting a lot of independents and Republicans. My wife, for example, is Republican. She voted for George Bush twice. And she is so excited about Barack and Michelle Obama to be the next president and first lady of our country.

MR. MATTHEWS: Who's that guy standing on the top of that building behind you?

REP. MURPHY: Well, that's William Penn, and as you know --

MR. MATTHEWS: Okay, that was a trick question. If you got that wrong, you would have been in big trouble.

REP. MURPHY: (Laughs.)

MR. MATTHEWS: Hey, thank you very much for joining us tonight, Congressman Patrick Murphy of Bucks County, a little bit of Philadelphia.

REP. MURPHY: That's right -- northeast Philadelphia.

MR. MATTHEWS: That's right.

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