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McKeon Blasts Democrats' FY 2009 Tax and Spend Budget


Location: Washington, DC

Fiscally Irresponsible Budget Bad for Workers & Families

U.S. Representative Howard P. "Buck" McKeon (R-Santa Clarita) today issued the following statement on congressional Democrats' FY 2009 budget, currently under consideration by the House Budget Committee.

"Democrats have once again proposed a budget that calls for tax increases on the middle class to fund billions in wasteful Washington spending. Their FY 2009 budget is the epitome of fiscal irresponsibility, marked by its failure to protect families, workers, and retirees by saving Social Security and Medicare; its embrace of big government spending; and its infliction of the largest tax increase in American history. Democrats have chosen to ignore the inevitable entitlement crisis while imposing an enormous tax hike on Americans who are already struggling to afford cost of living increases, higher college tuitions, increased gas prices, and rising healthcare costs.

"If last year was any indication, we can look at this budget as laying the groundwork for Democrats' aggressive drive to promote big government, burdensome taxation, and strict regulation across all spectrums. With workers and families burdened by economic insecurity, Democrats should be embracing a budget blueprint that will allow tax relief, responsible spending, and the job-creating innovation that can only be achieved by breaking the shackles of overregulation. Unfortunately, Democrats have rejected Republican calls for earmark reform and fiscal responsibility. This budget signals more of the same liberal tax and spend agenda at a time when Americans are eager for change."

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