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Issue Position: Immigration

Issue Position

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Issue Position: Immigration

America is a nation of immigrants. People from all over the world come here to make a better life for themselves and their families. Here, those who enter the country legally have the opportunity, by working hard and playing by the rules, to achieve the American dream. Others—those that come here without proper documentation—have no such opportunity. They work physically demanding jobs that most American citizens do not want. They make it possible for resorts to operate, for restaurants to serve, and for farms to harvest. They came here to meet a workforce demand that otherwise would go unfilled. And, while we may not agree with how they got here, the fact is that they are here and that we have become dependent on them.

As someone married to an immigrant, I am reminded every day by my wife of how you can love your roots and love your heritage; even as you fulfill the full measure of your love of this country, and your loyalty as a United States citizen. I believe that America can continue in its tradition of welcoming immigrants and giving them the opportunity to achieve the American dream, so long as we create a common sense immigration system: one that protects our national security as well as our national ideals.

Comprehensive immigration reform has eluded congress several times, but I will continue to fight for reforms that ensure our borders are enforced, our laws are upheld and people are treated fairly and humanely. Keeping families together, giving our businesses the labor force they need to be successful, and opening the American dream to all those that work hard to achieve their goals, should be our priority.

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