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Issue Position: Seniors

Issue Position

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Issue Position: Seniors

America's seniors have devoted their working lives to build our country into the world leader it is today. They have fought wars to preserve our freedom. They have tilled the land, built our roads, and constructed our schools. Ensuring a secure and comfortable retirement for older Americans is one of our fundamental national responsibilities.

Social Security is the cornerstone of our national commitment to older Americans. Created in 1935, the Social Security program has lifted millions of Americans from poverty and allowed millions more to maintain independent and financially secure lives during their retirement years. While changes are necessary to guarantee Social Security's long-term solvency, reform should not be used as an excuse to decimate a program that has ensured a secure and independent retirement for millions of Americans.

As a member of the Senate Finance Committee's subcommittee on Social Security and Family Policy, I will continue to take an active role in the Social Security debate. I will work for fiscal responsibility and a sound Social Security program that meets our basic goal of protecting older Americans from poverty. I will oppose changes to the program like those President Bush has proposed so far, because they will create as much as $2.2 trillion in debt and threaten the benefits on which our seniors depend.

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