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Foster, Exposed as a Tax-Hiker, Make Stuff Up

Press Release

Location: Batavia, IL

Oberweis for Congress spokesman Bill Pascoe today criticized liberal Democrat Bill Foster for airing a television advertisement made up of half-truths, distortions, and outright lies.

"Bill Foster's latest television advertisement should come with a parental warning notice -- 'Smear campaign ahead,'" said Pascoe. "But that shouldn't be surprising -- if I'd been caught planning to raise taxes by $3,914 per taxpayer, I'd probably have to consider making stuff up, too. The choice for voters couldn't be clearer -- Bill Foster wants to hike taxes and spend more on failed big-government programs, while Jim Oberweis wants to cut taxes and shrink government so families can keep more of their own money.

"Of the three major claims made in Mr. Foster's advertisement, two of them are demonstrably false, and the remaining claim is deliberately misinterpreted to create an impression at odds with reality. Bill Foster -- whose own mudslinging began two days into the special election (as noted by the Beacon News) -- should be ashamed.

"To begin: the Foster ad falsely claims that Jim 'supported Bush's scheme to privatize Social Security, gambling your retirement in the stock market.' Bill Foster knows this isn't true, because he sat next to Jim Oberweis yesterday in the Chicago Tribune's editorial board endorsement session and heard Jim talk about his plan to strengthen Social Security, to make sure it's still there 30 years from now. (Interestingly, Mr. Foster himself suggested he wasn't at all concerned about Social Security's impending troubles, indicating it 'wouldn't be [his] first priority,' and suggesting that a 30 percent cut in benefits to future retirees would be all right with him.)

"The on-screen sources listed for Mr. Foster's ridiculous allegation are the Daily Herald of Feb. 17, 2002, and Jeff Berkowitz's 'Public Affairs' show of Dec. 7, 2007. NOWHERE in the contents of EITHER source is there ANY indication that Jim Oberweis 'supported Bush's scheme to privatize Social Security' -- in fact, that would have been quite impossible, given that the Bush Administration DIDN'T EVEN OFFER A PLAN TO ADDRESS SOCIAL SECURITY'S LONG-TERM STABILITY UNTIL 2005, THREE YEARS AFTER THE FIRST SO-CALLED 'SOURCE' CITED!!!

"The Foster ad continues its calumny with this whopper: 'Oberweis thinks we should end employer provided health insurance.' That's patently false, and Bill Foster knows it -- he's heard Jim say that to his face in editorial board meetings that have taken place over the last 48 hours. The two companies that bear Jim's name -- Oberweis Asset Management and Oberweis Dairy -- both pay for health insurance for their full-time employees, and Jim has made clear he supports employer-provided health care.

"The Chicago Tribune even acknowledged that it had inadvertently mischaracterized Jim's position on this issue, and issued a clarification that reads, 'A story in the Feb. 23 West edition of the Metro section mischaracterized 14th Congressional District Republican candidate Jim Oberweis' position on health care. While Oberweis advocates replacing the current employer-based health-care system with tax incentives that encourage people to buy their own insurance polices, he did not say the system should be eliminated.' (See:,0,7738809.story)

"Jim Oberweis believes we should offer Americans MORE choices in health care, not fewer. And he believes we should not force Americans to give up control over their own doctors and their own treatment by forcing them into a one-size-fits-all 'universal' health care scheme that cost hundreds of billions of dollars, as Bill Foster proposes.

"Further, the Foster ad declares, 'Oberweis said ten more years in Iraq is the right approach.' Actually, what Jim Oberweis said was that General Petraeus's 'Surge' strategy is working, that we should continue to withdraw our troops gradually, as Iraqis take more responsibility, and we may have to leave a residual force in Iraq for up to ten years.

"Finally: Has anyone noticed that the quote the Foster campaign constantly uses -- 'I've supported the President on almost everything' -- comes from a newspaper article that's more than FOUR YEARS OLD? That's more than half the length of time George Bush has been in the White House! Has anyone noticed that the very title of the article cited -- 'GOP Senate rivals back away from Bush' -- has been deliberately hidden by Mr. Foster? Has Mr. Foster not read any newspapers between January 2004 and today? Has he not been made aware of the many instances in which Jim Oberweis has publicly disagreed with the President since then -- particularly, for example, on the twin issues of immigration reform and management of the Iraq war?

"Liberal Democrat Bill Foster has been exposed as a man who wants to raise taxes on married couples, on families with children, on small businessmen and farmers, even on capital gains and dividends -- this, as the economy is going into a rough spot. Liberal Democrat Bill Foster has been exposed as a man who wants to allow employers to hire illegal immigrants, as long as they're willing to pay an 'amnesty tax.' Liberal Democrat Bill Foster has now been exposed as a man willing to force another $440 billion, big-government health care program down the throats of the American public. It's no wonder he's reaching for the standard Democrat playbook -- distort, misinterpret, or falsify, whatever it takes -- because his only alternative is to give up."

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