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Democrat Tax Hikes Don't Help American Families


Location: Washington, DC

Cantor: Democrat Tax Hikes Don't Help American Families

WASHINGTON, DC - House Chief Deputy Republican Whip Eric Cantor issued the following statement today after the vote on H.R. 5351:

"House Democrats voted today for job-killing legislation that will do nothing to solve the real energy challenges facing this country. At a time of economic uncertainty, today's vote by House Democrats only further increases the burden facing middle-class families.

"The record is clear: gas prices are already 40 percent higher today than they were when Speaker Pelosi took the gavel. Today, House Democrats told the American people that they don't believe gas prices are high enough.

"I adamantly believe that raising the energy costs facing your family is not the answer to America's energy challenges; I am disappointed that Speaker Pelosi remains dedicated to her failed energy policies.

"Republicans believe that we need to focus on innovative, new solutions that will reduce our dependence on foreign energy sources. Today's Democrat tax hikes only stifle the very solutions that could eventually lead to real energy independence.

"Today's vote by House Democrats guarantees two things - the price of gasoline will rise and the Democrats' already dismal approval rating will continue to fall."

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