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Bono Mack: Failure to Pass 'Protect America Act' is Irresponsible

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Bono Mack: Failure to Pass 'Protect America Act' is Irresponsible

Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack (CA-45) today condemned Democratic House leadership for failing to extend the Protect America Act before its expiration on Friday. While the Senate passed a long-term extension earlier this week, Democratic leadership decided to ignore this important measure and allow the provisions of the Protect America Act that helps ensure our national security to lapse.

"Before leaving Washington this week, Congress should give the intelligence community the important tools they need to keep Americans safe. Failing to do so hampers intelligence officials' ability to monitor terrorists and jeopardizes our national security," Bono Mack said.

"I join my Republican colleagues in being ready to stay here as long as necessary to finish this important business. The American people deserve our relentless commitment to keeping our country safe."

The Senate's extension of this intelligence measure would allow the intelligence community to continue monitoring foreign enemies of the U.S. in an expedient manner. Passed with broad, bipartisan support (68-29), the Senate version would also expand oversight measures to safeguard civil liberties; protect those who acted in good faith in executing this law from frivolous lawsuits; and modernize the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) to account for terrorists using modern technology like the Internet and cell phones.

"I am appalled that House Democrats put partisan politics over the protection of American citizens. The House should stop delaying this critically important vote and work together to pass meaningful legislation that will help keep America - and our troops serving in the line of duty - safe," said Bono Mack.

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