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Editorial: Larson right choice for GOP in Dist. 23

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Location: San Antonio, TX

Two Republicans are competing for the right to challenge Democratic Rep. Ciro Rodriguez in November.

Rodriguez snared the 23rd Congressional District post in a special election in 2006 following a court-ordered redistricting. The Democrat held another congressional seat prior to a primary defeat in 2004.

Bexar County Commissioner Lyle Larson and San Antonio lawyer Francisco "Quico" Canseco are vying for the Republican nomination to the post.

We recommend Larson. He is by far the best prepared contender for the congressional seat.

Larson was a member of the San Antonio City Council from 1991-95. He began serving on Commissioners Court in 1997.

He has successfully managed a small business for more than two decades.

During his tenure in county government, Larson has worked to help the community cope with military base realignment as chairman of the Military Transformation Task Force.

He also led the Metropolitan Planning Organization and the Greater San Antonio Crime Commission.

Larson's years in government have given him an intimate knowledge of many issues facing the congressional district and experience in turning policy goals into reality.

In approaching key federal issues facing the district, such as border security, Larson offers specific recommendations and vows to be a strong voice for the border region's point of view.

Larson has a consistent track record as a fiscal conservative. He has never accepted a pay raise as a county commissioner and repeatedly voted to lower the tax rate.

In addition to his experience, Larson's affable, down-to-earth style will serve him and the district well if he becomes a member of Congress.

Larson's nomination would give the GOP its best shot at regaining the 23rd Congressional District post, and we urge primary voters to cast their ballots for him.

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