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Scalise Fights to Protect your Federal Tax Rebate Check

Press Release

Location: Metairie, LA

Scalise Fights to Protect your Federal Tax Rebate Check

Steve Scalise passed legislation in the State Legislature that will protect federal tax rebate checks from getting taxed by the state. Under current Louisiana law, state taxes
would be applied to federal stimulus checks.

The Scalise Rebate Protection Bill passed both the House and Senate unanimously. Representative Cameron Henry (R­Jefferson) introduced the same bill in the House.

"This legislation shows my commitment to keep your hard earned tax dollars in your own pockets," Scalise said. "The federal incentives were meant to stimulate the economy, not the state's budget. I was pleased to see a speedy passage of the bill so we can keep millions of dollars in the hands of Louisiana consumers. In Congress I will fight to make the Bush tax cuts permanent."

The following is the summary of the Scalise Rebate Protection Bill.

Urges and requests the secretary of the Department of Revenue to take all possible actions to ensure that no state individual income tax burden is imposed on Louisiana taxpayers as a result of the federal income tax rebates and requests the governor to include in any Call for a Second Special Session the power to enact legislation to accomplish such purpose, if necessary.

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