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Issue Position: Terrorism and National Security

Issue Position

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Issue Position: Terrorism and National Security

Picture of th Pentagon after the Septemer 11 attack. The attacks of September 11, 2001 forced our nation to deal with the threat of international terrorism. For the last several years, we have designed new policies and new government structures aimed at preserving our security at home and abroad.

To win the Global War on Terrorism, we must be vigilant in defending our homeland, including securing our borders, safeguarding critical infrastructures and industries, pursuing terrorists and maintaining the capacity to respond to potential attacks.

While we secure the homeland, we also must deal with terrorists abroad before they attack us at home. We must deny state sponsors of terror access to weapons of mass destruction and frustrate their ability to finance terror operations throughout the world. We must deny our terrorist enemies safe haven and move aggressively to break up international terror networks. We must rally the international community to address terrorist threats in their own countries and regions. And we must stand with our allies around the world who support the principles of freedom and democracy and who fight back against the terrorists.

We are engaged in a long struggle against a determined enemy. We will not defeat the threat of terrorism overnight, so it is important that we pursue policies that will enable us to fight today's terrorists as well as prevent tomorrow's attacks.

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