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Congressman Donnelly Helps Seniors Secure Tax Rebates As Part of Economic Stimulus Package

Press Release

Location: South Bend, IN

Today, Congressman Joe Donnelly visited the Karl King Riverbend Towers in South Bend to discuss his success in securing tax rebates for 20 million retired seniors across the country.

Donnelly's bill, The Immediate Financial Assistance for America's Seniors Act of 2008, was included in the Economic Stimulus package, which passed in the Senate and the House, and is waiting to be signed into law by President Bush.

"It was my priority to make sure that our retired seniors who have worked hard, paid Social Security taxes, and are now struggling to make ends meet in a slowing economy receive an economic boost like the rest of us," Donnelly said. "If our goal is to stimulate the economy by providing tax relief to families that need the help, it makes sense that we should put money back in the pockets of America's seniors."

Under the final version of the economic stimulus package, Social Security recipients who earned at least $3,000 in Social Security income in the 2007 tax year will get at least $300 per individual and $600 per couple. It is estimated that 753,483 Hoosier seniors, including up to 121,829 Social Security recipients from the Second District, will receive a rebate check.

Senior Mary Ann Turner joined Congressman Donnelly to express her gratitude for the tax rebate she will receive under the economic stimulus package. "I want to thank Congressman Donnelly for working to help senior citizens like me receive rebate checks. I am a low-income, self-supporting senior citizen, and I can really use the extra money." said Turner.

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