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Roskam Brings Home $55 Million for Local Projects After First Year in Congress

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Peter J. Roskam (R-IL) today announced the allocation of $55,066,500 in funds for projects located in Illinois' 6th Congressional District following the signing of the FY2008 Omnibus Appropriations bill by President George W. Bush. Roskam released the following statement:

"Illinois taxpayers receive less federal funding per dollar of federal taxes paid compared to almost every state in the union. In 2005, Illinois citizens received approximately 75 cents back from the federal coffers for every dollar paid in federal taxes. This ranks the state 45th nationally and represents a slight over the past 15 years, when Illinois received just 72 cents on the dollar.

"As a donor state, it is even more important for me to advocate for vital projects that will improve our communities and the daily lives of our friends and neighbors.

"Equally important is fiscal accountability. As such, I was more than happy to release my project requests last spring to my constituents and furthermore, am proud to put my name on every project I sponsored. Transparency and sunshine is the best disinfectant to wasteful spending requests.

"I am honored to end my first year in Congress being able help our communities advance and improve through the $55 million I was able to bring home to the 6th Congressional District."

Below is a complete list of projects and funding marks:

- $243,000 for Access Community Health Center to expand the behavioral health programs in Bloomingdale, IL. These funds will allow this innovative community health center to add a behavioral health team to a list of comprehensive health resources and services it offers to the low-income residents of DuPage Count. With this funding, Access will be able to help patients of all ages cope with chronic disease, perinatal depression and the management of psychiatric diseases through a broad array of mental health services, including psychiatry, psychology and social work.

- $195,000 for Adventist GlenOaks Hospital to expand the Emergency Department in Glendale Heights, IL. Adventist GlenOaks Hospital, as the only designated Medicaid Disproportionate Share Hospital in DuPage County, Illinois, is a safety-net provider for the communities of the Sixth Congressional District of Illinois. Federal funds will assist serving the growing Medicaid patient population at the hospital.

- $97,000 for Midwestern University's Advanced Career Explorers Program that provides pharmacy job and education training to high school and community college students to address the pharmacist shortage in Downers Grove, IL. Federal funds will be used for a program the Midwestern University Chicago College of Pharmacy developed in response to the national pharmacist manpower shortage. This program was designed to motivate high school and community college students to learn about and consider careers in pharmacy, and then take the necessary steps to apply for, enroll in, and complete a degree at an accredited college of pharmacy.

- $6,001,000 for the Des Plaines River, IL - Army Corps of Engineers/Illinois Department of Natural Resources project. Federal funds will be used for the construction of Levee 37, in which 33 municipalities in Cook and Lake County are helped by overall project. Des Plaines and Park Ridge are primary municipalities benefiting from Big Bend Lake Reservoir Expansion. The Des Plaines River has a long history of flooding that has caused significant economic losses. The maximum flood of record, September 1986, caused an estimated $35 million in damage to 10,000 dwellings and 263 business and industrial sites. More than 15,000 residents were evacuated from the flooded area, and there were severe impacts to the area transportation networks. This project will help further mitigate flooding issues in the future for these affected communities.

- $500,000 for Energy Efficient Press and Sinter of Titanium Powder for Low-Cost Components in Vehicle Applications in Glendale Heights, IL. This effort will develop low-cost press and sinter techniques that will allow titanium to transition into vehicles and bring about safer, higher quality, and more fuel efficient transportation systems. This project will bring about a new advanced titanium press and sinter manufacturing industry in Glendale Heights (Dupage County), IL with possible new employment in the hundreds. This is a partnership project led by Webster-Hoff in Glendale Heights, IL, International Titanium Powder in Lockport, IL, the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, IL, and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

- $29,490,000 for the McCook and Thornton Reservoirs, IL - Corps of Engineers/Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago project. The Reservoirs are two of the three reservoirs which make up the Chicagoland Underflow Plan which was designed to address the overwhelming water pollution and flooding problems of the Chicagoland combined sewer areas.

- $634,500 for Metro Chicago Youth for Christ in Wheaton, IL - Aspire Program. The federal funds will be used for the MCYFC young adult offender re-entry and delinquency prevention program geared to provide at-risk youth, whether recently released from incarceration or previously involved in gang activity, with educational courses, comprehensive job-preparation courses, and/or college preparation assistance. In addition, life skills are taught to help troubled teens escape some of the destructive patterns in their lives.

- $2,256,000 to Cook County (Illinois) for purchase of equipment for the 800 MHz first responder radio system. A recent study commissioned by Cook County reported that there are more than 100 separate and distinct public safety radio systems used in the county today. Also, there are more than 100 public safety dispatch points with similar interoperability issues. The study recommended obtaining additional radios to tie the 128 municipalities into the Cook County interoperable radio system, to provide first responders with needed seamless communication tools for effective prevention, response, and recovery from terrorist incidents. Cook County alone has spent $44 million on its 800 MHz first responder radio system. The federal funds obtained would be used to purchase properly configured trunk 800 MHz portable radios with low-end chargers to seamlessly adapt into the radio system.

- $7,375,000 for the Metra Connects Program - Union Pacific West Line for preliminary engineering on the Union Pacific West Line.

- $7,375,000 for the Metra Connects Program - Suburban Transit Access Route (STAR) Line to link more than 100 communities in the Chicagoland region with new service and provide new connections between existing commuter rail lines, as well as a potential new station at O'Hare International Airport.

- $250,000 for PACE - Surburban Bus Route for the transit signal priority route on Roosevelt Road from Harlem Avenue to Route 59. It is part of a network of Arterial Rapid Transit routes being implemented by Pace throughout the suburban area of northeastern Illinois, utilizing signal priority for buses on arterial streets. The TSP project allows faster, more reliable service on congested suburban streets. Faster bus service reduces Pace's operating costs and makes Pace a more attractive option to commuters who choose between transit and driving. A faster bus also reduces Pace's operating costs and makes Pace a more attractive commuter option (in a limited implementation on Cermak Road in Cicero and Berwyn over the past decade, Pace reduced its costs by 17%). More than 3,600 riders use Pace service every day in this corridor, and the forthcoming expansion is expected to attract 1,000 more per day. In addition, the Illinois Fire Chiefs Association also support this project because emergency vehicles will benefit from further implementation of traffic signal preemption devices.

- $150,000 for the Willowbrook Wildlife Center for the design and construction of an education center and wildlife rehabilitation and recovery clinic using sustainable building design in Glen Ellyn, IL. The wildlife center performs wildlife monitoring and recovery programs, habitat restoration programs, and storm water retention and wetland conservation initiatives that employ civic action and service-learning models for education. The overarching goal of this project is to provide opportunities for DuPage County's 310 public schools to develop systemic, technology-based curricular and civic action links to the Willowbrook Wildlife Center's wildlife conservation projects. County elementary, middle and high-school participations in this project will serve as a foundation for creating and sustaining learning communities linked through participation in County-wide wildlife and natural resource conservation projects.

- $500,000 to Wood Dale, IL for the reconstruction of the Wood Dale and Irving Park Road Intersection in DuPage County, IL. Federal funds will be used to address continuing safety issues at the intersection of Wood Dale and Irving Park Roads, one of the most dangerous intersections in the state. The close proximity of two schools and the Wood Dale Park District Water Park make the intersection even more of a safety concern in the area. In addition, police, fire and ambulances are delayed each day at the intersection. This is a long-planned major overhaul project that was championed by former Congressman Henry J. Hyde and of equal importance to Rep. Roskam.

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