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2008 Senate Conservative Agenda to Secure America's Future

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Today, U.S. Senators Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), chairman of the Senate Steering Committee, and Tom Coburn (R-Oklahoma) released the 2008 Senate Conservative Agenda. The list of legislative proposals are ideas that the Steering Committee will promote throughout the year by forcing votes on the Senate floor. The Senate Steering Committee is a caucus of conservative senators that includes a majority of the Republican Conference.

"The American people are looking for common sense solutions to today's problems, and conservatives have long been the source of these ideas," said Senator Jim DeMint. "Conservative ideas have led the way to a better future for America. Advocating a strong military helped bring the end of the Cold War, consistent tax relief allowed our economy to grow for decades, and welfare reform gave millions new hope and independence."

"The American people are tired of business as usual in Washington. This agenda isn't merely a conservative agenda; it is a common sense agenda," said Senator Coburn. "The federal government is on an unsustainable course and these policies will help ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy the freedom and opportunities we take for granted."

"As we encounter new challenges today, conservatives believe the answers must include a stronger not weaker military, more freedom for Americans not more government control, and lower taxes and spending not higher," said Senator DeMint. "Conservatives want to make sure every American has private health insurance they can own, afford, and keep. And we must work to protect American families that are the backbone of our strength as a nation. Conservatives will continue to fight for common sense judges that will defend our values and our Constitution."

"The conservative agenda for America is built on ideas that enjoy broad support of people throughout the nation. Each of these proposals already enjoy support of the majority of Republicans, and I believe we can work with willing Democrats to move these ideas forward," said Senator DeMint.

The 2008 Senate Conservative Agenda to Secure America's Future:

1. Make Tax Relief Permanent and Reform the IRS Tax Code

2. Reduce Government Spending and Stop Pork-Barrel Earmarks

3. Expand Access to Affordable Health Insurance by Addressing Unfairness in the Tax Code and Allowing Americans to Buy Coverage Across State Lines

4. Demand United Nations reforms by Withholding U.S. Dues

5. Increase U.S. Competitiveness by Cutting Corporate Tax Rates, Increasing Energy Supplies, and Providing Regulatory Relief for Small Businesses

6. Secure Our Borders

7. Ensure That at Least 4% of the Nation's Economy is Invested in National Security

8. Amend the Constitution to Require a Balanced Budget and to Limit Tax Increases

9. Stop Spending Social Security Surpluses on Other Government Programs

10. Offer States Flexibility and Give Parents Additional Choices in Education

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