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Democrat Travis Childers Kicks Off Congressional Campaign

Location: Booneville, MS

Prentiss County Chancery Clerk and small businessman Travis Childers official kicked off his congressional campaign today in his hometown in front of a number of his supporters. He announced at Northeast Mississippi Community College where he went to school.

"We face tough times, we need a congressman who understands tough times," Childers said. "We see economic challenges, we need a congressman who knows about economic development."

Childers emphasized his personal story of working full-time in high school after his father died to support his family. He worked nights and weekends at a local convenience store. He also worked full-time jobs in college while still going to school full-time.

He said, "Growing up, we didn't have much, but the values I learned were priceless. Some candidates say they understand tough economic times … well my friends, I've lived them. "
Childers emphasized his economic development experience as a businessman and as an economic development leader in his community.

"One thing I know about economic development is you have to look ahead or you will get smacked in the behind," Childers said. "Our leaders should have been thinking of this day when they passed trade deals to ship our jobs to Third World Countries, gave billions in subsidies to big oil companies, ignored the home mortgage crisis, and watched as our deficit and spending hit all time highs."

"And now, North Mississippians are paying the price. People are losing their jobs. Families are losing their homes. Gas prices are outrageous. And the sad truth is, times may get worse before they get better."

On fiscal responsibility Childers said, "Even John McCain said that Congress has been spending like ‘drunken sailors.' As someone who has been balancing a family checkbook for years and has run two businesses, this defies all common sense. As Chancery Clerk, I balanced 16 consecutive budgets. As Congressman, I'll fight for balanced budgets and fiscal responsibility."

He said, "Now, I have to be honest. I'm a Mississippi Democrat, not a Washington , DC Democrat. I'll be on the side of the family struggling, the child that needs health care and the teenager who's only hope is a college degree. I'm pro-life and pro-gun. I believe marriage is between a man and a woman. And I will take a tough stand to stop illegal immigration into our country."

Childers was elected Chancery Clerk in his native Prentiss County for the past 16 years and has started two small businesses. Travis has been married for 27 years to the former Tami Gibson, and the couple has two children: Dustin, a first-year law student at Mississippi College , and Lauren, a freshman at Ole Miss. They are all members of East Booneville Baptist Church .

The Childers campaign recently announced they had raised $100,000 and had secured 14 endorsements from different past or present public officials.

"To change our country," Childers said, "We don't have to change our core values. But, if we don't change the direction of our country, our core values will be compromised. In Washington , there's too much ‘do nothing' and not enough ‘can-do.'"

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