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Foster Unveils Health Care Plan

Press Release

Location: Geneva, IL

Believing that it is long overdue for all Americans to have guaranteed access to a basic level of health care at a reasonable cost, Bill Foster today released his plan to change the way that health care is delivered in the United States, making it significantly more affordable to families and businesses while ensuring that every citizen has access to at least a basic level of care. Foster's proposal preserves individuals' and businesses' freedom to purchase or maintain existing coverage beyond basic care.

Foster, whose experience as a problem solver includes 22 years as a scientist at Fermilab and over 30 years as a businessman, explained that an examination of data and results in the health care system can flush out unnecessary costs that render health care unaffordable.

"The facts show that administrative costs consume about 30 percent of each health care dollar in the United States. As a scientist, I'm troubled that Washington has let this inefficient system proceed when those costs hurt families and businesses every single day," Foster said.

Foster noted that the United States spends a significantly higher share of each health care dollar on administrative costs than other countries' highly-rated systems do.

"The first step toward solving the health care problem in this country is cutting out unnecessary overhead," Foster said. "Rather than perpetuating a broken system based on ideology and bickering in Congress, let's look at what works and what doesn't. When we do that, we can provide health care to more people, at less cost, and with higher quality and efficiency."

Foster's plan calls for a basic level of comprehensive coverage to all Americans, while upholding the ability for families and employers to choose additional coverage. In addition to cutting administrative costs, the program would require demonstrated cost-effectiveness to control costs of treatment, and aggressively monitor the evidence and results of treatments. Moreover, Foster's plan would increase competition among drug companies and discourage the waste attributable to prescription drug marketing and advertising.

Another hallmark of Foster's plan will be an increased emphasis on preventative care and promotion of healthy lifestyles, which would yield substantial long-term reductions in health care costs.

"We cannot continue down the path of mounting health care costs that force working families and businesses to treat health care as a luxury beyond their means. By looking at the data that's out there, we can find a workable solution to this crisis," Foster said.

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