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Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

FISA -- (Senate - January 25, 2008)

Mr. McCONNELL. Mr. President, let me respond briefly.

I think it is a little early in the session to begin the finger-pointing. We have here--I had hoped--a good, sort of bipartisan start to the session. The facts are that we have a bill before us, the Rockefeller-Bond bill, that we know will get a Presidential signature and protect the homeland. That is before us. We have an opportunity, on Monday, by invoking cloture, to pass a bill that we know will become law.

So I hope we do not sort of get back into the pattern that sort of underscored the early part of the first session of the 110th of just sort of endless finger-pointing and game-playing. I filed a cloture motion because I knew this was a bill that would get a signature. This is something that could become law. And if the House acted rapidly, it would become law before the deadline--a great bipartisan accomplishment.

We have that opportunity Monday. I hear my good friend and counterpart saying cloture will not be invoked, so I assume it will not be invoked. But I think that is a great mistake. This would have been a wonderful way to begin the session with a high point of bipartisan cooperation.

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