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MSNBC "Morning Joe" - Transcript


Location: Unknown

MR. SCARBOROUGH: So the president will be focusing on the economy.

MS. BRZEZINSKI: Yes, and the economy, of course, really important to folks down here in Florida, where there is a huge Republican primary tomorrow night. And one of those candidates joins us right now.

MR. SCARBOROUGH: Your main man.

MS. BRZEZINSKI: My main man. Oh, stop it!

MR. SCARBOROUGH: Your main man. Why don't you just admit it? Your mother loves him.

MS. BRZEZINSKI: My mother does love him. She finds him charming.

MR. SCARBOROUGH: You love him. The American people love him. And the good people of the town that Jesus built --


MR. SCARBOROUGH: -- Pensacola loves him, my hometown.

Governor, how they treating you up there?

MR. HUCKABEE: I love Pensacola. I'm just surprised that you're not here. I figured that this is where you'd be camping out in Florida, in this beautiful part of the Panhandle. It is a great place --


MR. HUCKABEE: -- and people have been wonderfully responsive. We're getting ready to go to a place I bet you've been: the Fish House in Pensacola.

MS. BRZEZINSKI: Oh, yeah, I think he knows that place.

MR. SCARBOROUGH: Yeah, I actually live at the Fish House. And you know what, Governor? When you go in there, ask Collier Merrill who the greatest guitar player to ever play in the Fish House is.

MS. BRZEZINSKI: You know what --

MR. SCARBOROUGH: That's actually where -- when I sinned and played rock and roll music and tapped my foot, I was playing at the Fish House up there.

MS. BRZEZINSKI: Okay. Let's not talk about your guitar.

MR. SCARBOROUGH: So look at the states -- no, let's --

MS. BRZEZINSKI: Let's have one interview with Governor Huckabee --

MR. SCARBOROUGH: -- let's talk -- okay, okay.

MS. BRZEZINSKI: -- where we don't talk about your guitar. (Chuckles.)

MR. SCARBOROUGH: Fine. Off my back, as Ronald Reagan said to Nancy.

MS. BRZEZINSKI: All right! (Chuckles.)

MR. SCARBOROUGH: Talk about, if you will --

MR. HUCKABEE: Hey, you know what? Don't make me come over there.

MR. SCARBOROUGH: -- talk about what you're facing --

MR. HUCKABEE: You guys have been arguing all morning.


MR. SCARBOROUGH: Yes. (Chuckles.)

MR. HUCKABEE: (Chuckles.) You guys have been arguing all morning. I'm going to have to come over there and straighten this out if you keep it up.


MS. BRZEZINSKI: Well, Pastor, thank you.

MR. SCARBOROUGH: Well, what do your prospects look like in Florida?

MR. HUCKABEE: I think, you know, we're getting some real momentum here. I don't know how it's going to turn out. I know all the polls are showing that it's, you know, McCain and Romney for the top slot. McCain's had some big endorsements this week. But I think that we're going to be in play.

And the thing is, we just need to survive out of Florida, because our big day's going to be February 5th, when we're -- all these Southern states. And that's where we're leading, in first place, in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma. It's going to be a -- you know, a really good day. Georgia, for us, all those states are in play, and we're leading, and we're going to come out of there with some significant delegates.

MR. SCARBOROUGH: Do you expect to be one of the top two Republican candidates after Super Tuesday in terms of the delegate count?

MR. HUCKABEE: Well, we certainly hope so. I think there's a good possibility. We're number two in the delegate count going into tomorrow's contest. And when we come out of Super Tuesday, I think there's a real strong chance that we could be, you know, in the top two in terms of delegate counts, which increasingly is what this is going to come down to -- who has the delegates, not just who has a win here and a win there. And it's such a fluid process, as everybody seems to understand.

MR. SCARBOROUGH: Well, if -- the president's speaking tonight to the country, obviously going to talk about tough economic times. If you were delivering the State of the Union Address tonight, and you were giving your prescription, what would you tell America we need to do to get this economy on the track that it needs to be on moving forward?

MR. HUCKABEE: Well, obviously I'd be pushing the Fair Tax proposal of getting rid of the IRS and changing our whole tax system so it's not penalizing workers and people taking risk, it's not penalizing small business.

But in the interim, I think rather than just talk about a rebate plan, I'd say if we're going to spend $150 billion that we're probably going to borrow from the Chinese, we ought to be investing it in the infrastructure of America, ought to be putting it into roads and to bridges, because that puts Americans to work using American steel and American concrete, helps us to deal with a serious problem, and that's the choking infrastructure that causes a whole lot of people to be stuck in traffic, stuck on airport tarmacs. We're polluting the air. We're burning up fuel, wasting our economic engine, sitting stuck in traffic in an infrastructure system that was never designed to handle the level and load that it's getting every day.

MR. SCARBOROUGH: All right. Governor Mike Huckabee, thanks so much. Good luck over at the Fish House. Say hi to Collier and my friends, and Mika --

MS. BRZEZINSKI: And Governor, I may call you. Keep your phone on. I got three more hours with him. So thank you very much. I may need you here. (Chuckles.)

MR. HUCKABEE: Don't take too much off of Joe, Mika. You hang in there and keep punching.

MS. BRZEZINSKI: All right!


MS. BRZEZINSKI: Thank you, Governor. (Chuckles.)

MR. SCARBOROUGH: All right. Governor Mike Huckabee, thank you so much.

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