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Senator John Kerry on President Bush's Last State of the Union Address


Location: Washington, DC

Sen. John Kerry issued the following statement after President Bush's State of the Union speech this evening:

"Tonight President Bush reminded America of eight years of opportunities squandered, a people divided, and precisely why there is so much hunger for change in our country. For millions who have seen their wages squeezed, their health care costs soar, their homes lost, their loved ones sent to fight in an endless war, and their country's moral authority damaged, this should have been a speech aimed at a new beginning. Instead, they will have to wait for the next President to turn the page, unite our country, stabilize our economy, and at last get serious about the business of creating good jobs, restoring America's credibility in the world, responsibly ending the war in Iraq, and rallying America to the great challenge of global climate change. Until then, I will continue to push for change that makes America stronger at home and in the world."

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