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Rep. Blackburn Reacts To President's Final State of the Union Address


Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Blackburn Reacts To President's Final State of the Union Address
It is time to Take Action on These Urgent Priorities

Following President Bush's seventh and final State of the Union Address, Representative Marsha Blackburn made the following statement:

"Tonight President Bush laid out a series of items that require Congress's immediate attention. In order to remain secure and prosperous, it is time to take action on these urgent priorities. "

Blackburn specified three items that the House should take up immediately:

On FISA Reform

"There is no higher responsibility than protecting this country from another terrorist attack. It is a simple fact that if Congress has not acted to permanently extend FISA reforms by February 1st, our ability to track terrorists will begin to degrade. Al Qaeda does not work on the basis of 30 day extensions, neither can the United States Intelligence Community. I urge the Democrat leadership to take up meaningful and permanent FISA reform before the week is out."

On Economic Stimulus and Earmark Reform

"We should also act quickly to provide real economic stimulus to the economy. That stimulus should go beyond a quick 'shot in the arm' rebate check and include real tax and regulatory reform. Until the specter of massive tax increases are removed from our economic outlook, potential growth will be limited. The Congress must make the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts permanent to ensure job growth. Being a good steward of the economy also means spending tax dollars responsibly. I urge the Speaker to follow the Republican lead and enforce an immediate moratorium on irresponsible earmarks. "

On the War on Terror

"As the President reported tonight, and as I saw with my own eyes a few weeks ago, the 'surge' is working. Iraq is more secure and our forces have begun to return home without replacement. Entering into another round of fruitless funding fights on the House floor could only impede our progress. We should fully fund the President's current request for the Iraq War and act quickly and responsibly on future requests."

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