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Statement by U.S. Senator John McCain on the Confederate Flag

Location: McCain 2000, Inc.

"Some people may have misinterpreted a previous statement by me regarding the Confederate Flag. I was merely restating a position I have taken dozens of times in the past. The question of where the Confederate Flag should fly in South Carolina should be left up to the people of South Carolina to decide without outside interference."

"In Arizona we resented it when outsiders parachuted in to tell us what to do about a Martin Luther King holiday, I am sure the people of South Carolina feel the same way about outsiders trying to impose their views."

"As to how I view the flag, I understand both sides. Some view it as a symbol of slavery; others view it as a symbol of heritage."

"Personally, I see the Battle Flag as a symbol of heritage."

"I have ancestors who fought for the Confederacy, none of whom owned slaves. I believe they fought honorably. I continue to hope that the people of South Carolina will be able to resolve this emotional issue in an atmosphere of mutual respect."

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