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Craig and Simpson Secure Transportation, Environment, and Military Construction Projects for Idaho

Location: Washington, DC

Craig and Simpson Secure Transportation, Environment, and Military Construction Projects for Idaho

Idaho Senator Larry Craig and Congressman Mike Simpson, both members of their respective Appropriations Committees, announced the inclusion of several Idaho-specific projects in the Fiscal Year 2008 year-end spending package.

Craig commented approvingly, "Idaho will be a better place because of these projects. Strong transportation infrastructure and a clean, livable environment are catalysts for a strong economy. The upgrades at the Boise Airport will help attract business to Idaho, never mind the godsend to anyone who flies in and out of Boise, and the improvements at Gowen will improve our military's readiness and help ensure Idaho's facilities survive long into the future. "

"Economic opportunity largely rests on our ability to transport goods and people in a safe and efficient manner. The new traffic control tower coming to the Boise Airport is desperately needed for safety and to keep up with the growth of the Treasure Valley," said Simpson. "These modest investments in Idaho's communities and infrastructure will help assist ongoing state and local efforts to bring new opportunities to our state."

Transportation and Housing and Urban Development

* Boise Airport Control Tower - $8,892,520
* Boise Airport Planning/Design to widen/lengthen runway - $750,000
* US 30 McCammon to Topaz Bridge - $350,000
* City of Rocks Back Country Byway - $3,950,000
* FH 24 Banks to Lowman - $500,000
* I-84 Curtis Road to Broadway Interchange - $1.5 million
* CSI Student Safety Initiative - $480,000
* I-84, Exit 29 Franklin Road - $480,000
* Lewiston Partnership Project - $240,000
* US 95 Thorncreek Road to Moscow - $500,000
* Idaho Transit Coalition - $3,212,000
* Treasure Valley Transit Facilities - $288,000
* City of Boise Geothermal System $175,000
* Pocatello Community Rec Center $140,000
* Western Elmore County Recreation Center $300,000

Military Construction

* Gowen Field Training Area Railhead - $7.615 million
* Orchard Training Area Urban Assault Course - $1.7 million
* Mountain Home Logistics Readiness Center - $1.593 million


* Noxious Weeds - $1 million
* Boise District Fire Sprinklers - $330,000
* Lemhi River TMDL Road Maintenance - $2.368 million
* Upper Snake/South Fork land acquisition - $1.25 million
* California Condor and Aplomado Falcon - $400,000
* Sage Grouse - $250,000
* Wolf Monitoring - $250,000
* Chesterfield Historic Preservation - $300,000
* US-Canada Pacific Salmon Treaty Program - $1.8 million
* National Rural Water Program Multi State - $7.7 million
* Water Systems Council Wellcare - $700,000
* Forest Legacy Gold Creek Ranch - $1.6 million
* Idaho Panhandle NF Avery Ranger Station - $884,000
* Thunder Mountain land acquisition - $900,000
* UI FRAMES - $650,000
* BSU Improved Hydrologic Modeling - $94,000
* ISU Land Management observation program - $141,000
* Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund - $67 million

Some of these projects may be subjected to small, across-the-board decreases of two percent or less to meet tight budget caps. The House and Senate are scheduled to vote on the year-end spending package this week. It is expected to pass both chambers before being sent to the President to be signed.

In some instances Senator Mike Crapo and Congressman Bill Sali jointly requested projects with Senator Craig and Congressman Simpson.

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