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By:  Pete King
Date: Jan. 14, 2008
Location: Unknown

MS. MACCALLUM: New York Congressman Peter King is an adviser with the Giuliani campaign. Congressman, good to have you here. Welcome.

REP. KING: Good to be with you, Martha.

MS. MACCALLUM: So a lot of people are looking at your candidate and saying, you know, "Where is he?" They haven't been paying much attention to what he's been doing. He's been down there campaigning hard, as he says, in Florida. Do you think he can win Florida, first of all?

REP. KING: Yes, I do. First of all, Rudy would love to run and win in every primary, in every caucus. But he's the only one, I think, who realized the political landscape changes here, the schedule was changed, and that's why he's focusing in Florida. And by the time the 29th comes around, I think he will win a solid victory. He's right on the issues. He's right on leadership.

And -- but this going to be a tough race, and Rudy's a tough guy, and we'll see on January 29th. But I am very confident this was the right strategy, it is the right strategy, and he is going to prevail.

MS. MACCALLUM: But you know, Congressman, plenty of other candidates with all varying degrees of money manage to make it around to the states. So why not Rudy Giuliani?

REP. KING: Well, first of all, you know, no front-runner has emerged. I mean, Mitt Romney spent all his time in Iowa and New Hampshire, and lost both of them. John McCain was pretty much out of money, so he stayed in New Hampshire, and he did win that. But no front-runner has emerged after this first set of primaries. And if Rudy wins, which I expect him to, on January 29th, then he will be the clear front-runner going into February 5th. These are very expensive races, and I think he deserves credit for having the perspicacity to focus his resources and his time where it's going to get the best results.

But again, he would love to campaign everywhere. Unlike Mitt Romney, he doesn't have a fortune of hundreds of millions of dollars to spend of his own money.

MS. MACCALLUM: Right, but as I pointed out, there are a bunch of other candidates who have made it around to those states. We're going to see if it works for him. Clearly that's where he's put his eggs right now.

Congressman Peter King, thank you. Always good to talk to you. Thank you.

REP. KING: You're welcome. Thank you.

MS. MACCALLUM: Thanks for setting up our conversation here.

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