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Sutton Statement on House Passage of Modified Energy Bill


Location: Washington, DC

Sutton Statement on House Passage of Modified Energy Bill

Congresswoman Sutton made the following statement regarding the modified energy bill which passed in the House today by a vote of 314 to 100. Rep. Sutton supported passage of the legislation.

"I am very proud to support the historic steps we are taking here today to advance many of the goals most important to our nation and our families - addressing global warming, energy independence, economic success, job security, lower energy costs and a cleaner environment.

I am however disappointed that the bill returned to us by the Senate does not contain important provisions that were included in the original House passed bill. Twice this year, I voted for a 15 percent renewable electricity standard (RES), key efficiency and consumer tax provisions and the repeal of unnecessary subsidies for oil companies. It is disheartening that opposition by Senate Republicans and a veto threat by the President forced these very important provisions to be dropped. However, I believe we should not abandon these goals and I am urging Congressional leadership to continue to pursue an increase in RES and to pass renewable energy and efficiency tax incentives to help achieve our energy independence.

I am proud that the House has demonstrated it's commitment to changing course on energy policy with this bill that contains groundbreaking measures such as an increase in the efficiency of our vehicles and the investment in "green jobs" in Ohio and across this nation. This legislation moves us forward and I sincerely hope that we will continue to build upon the measures we are passing here today for our families, our communities, our environment and the generations yet to come who will see the benefits of our work."

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