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Fox News "Fox and Friends" - Transcript


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Fox News "Fox and Friends" - Transcript

MR. DOOCY: The American al Qaeda has ripped us -- ripped up his U.S. passport to show support to his maniacal minions, while Iran provokes U.S. ships. This as President Bush gets ready for a trip to the Mideast.

Congressman Peter King is the ranking member of the Homeland Security Committee, and he joins us live in the studio.

Good morning to you.

REP. KING: Good to be here, Steve.

MR. DOOCY: It is pretty weird, what happened in Iran yesterday, in the Straits of Hormuz. Some little Iranian boats -- they called over, "We're going to blow you up," and then they started throwing crates or something off -- probably looked like landmines. They're lucky they're alive today.

REP. KING: Yeah. That was a pretty serious provocation, and I think the fact that we made the protest, that the United States has made it clear we're not going to tolerate this -- this was a test by Iran, and we cannot allow them to intimidate us. We can't allow them to violate international waters. And it shows that Iran is an outlaw state which tries to hide behind the being a nation, but when it comes to the inspections -- but meanwhile, whether it's going back to the British soldiers or going back to our hostages back in the 1970s, it's really an outlaw nation.

MR. DOOCY: What do you mean, it was a test by Iran?

REP. KING: To see how far they can push us. And also they feel I think in view of the National Intelligence Estimate that said that they're not seeking nuclear weapons right now that the U.S. may not feel it has international support to go after Iran.

But I think we have to make it clear that if Iran provokes us, if Iran takes any type of aggressive action, we are going to retaliate and retaliate quickly.

MR. DOOCY: Of course, all morning long we've been talking about the primary up in New Hampshire. It's underway right now, and you've lined up with Rudy Giuliani. Why is it of all the Republicans, you feel he is the best equipped to protect America?

REP. KING: Well, part from the fact that I've known him for many years. Rudy is a strong, tough leader. We face the threat of Islamic terrorism like no threat we've faced before. He is the one person I think who will stand up to that. And you know, when you see the Democrat candidate -- not one of them even talks about Islamic terrorism. Rudy has the experience, he has the toughness, he has the brains, and he won't back down to the media or the special interests.

MR. DOOCY: Why do you think it is the Democrats don't talk about Islamic extremism much on the stump?

REP. KING: I think they're afraid if they do that that somehow that would be considered a vindication of the Bush policy. They are so anti-Bush. They're so -- they pander so much to their left-wing base that they can't do anything at all which would justify a war on terrorism or take seriously the war on terrorism. You know, they want to make believe it's all something conjured up by George Bush.

MR. DOOCY: All right. Peter King, Giuliani homeland security adviser and member of Congress.

Congressman, thank you very much for joining us today.

REP. KING: Very good. And I'll invite you to Rudy's inauguration next year.

MR. DOOCY: You think it's going to happen?

REP. KING: Oh, yeah. Definitely, yeah.

MR. DOOCY: All right. Up front? Good seat?

REP. KING: If you give me a free copy of your book.

MR. DOOCY: (Laughs.) All right. I'll see what I can do. How about a coffee mug?

REP. KING: I'll take it. Here you go.

MR. DOOCY: All right. Thanks, Congressman.

REP. KING: Steve, thank you.

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