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Several of Congressman Terry's provisions included in Energy Bill

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Several of Congressman Terry's provisions included in Energy Bill

Lisa Ellis

Today Congressman Terry (R-NE) voted for HR 6, the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. This bill includes many energy issues Congressman Terry fought hard to get passed. The bill contains the Hill-Terry fuel economy reforms. These standards will increase the fuel economy of cars and light trucks in the United States by 40%.

There would be no fuel economy reforms in today's energy bill without Congressman Terry's extraordinary, insightful effort and hard work reaching out to members of both political parties. Congressman Terry has been actively engaged in shaping the energy bill from its introduction in the House through its consideration in the Energy and Commerce Committee, on which he serves, and finally during the House floor debate on the energy bill in August.

"This bill is a clear victory for the American people. It saves consumers money at the gas pump, reduces our reliance on foreign oil and reduces greenhouse gases, all without sacrificing vehicle utility and affordability. This bill gives the American people what they want---more miles per gallon," said Congressman Terry.

HR 6 also includes several other landmark amendments Congressman Terry brought to the table including; a provision to help accelerate the deployment of E85 by various franchises and independent operators by banning contract provisions that stop the installation of E85 and other alternative fuel distribution pumps. Congressman Terry also offered an amendment during committee consideration this summer to expand E85 infrastructure by requiring all federal fleet fueling centers to install at least one E85 fueling pump for flex fuel vehicles. Finally, the bill includes an amendment Congressmen Terry offered on the House floor, and was approved by voice vote, which requires the federal government to develop geothermal heat pump building codes for all new federal buildings.

"This is a monumental energy policy supported by both Republicans and Democrats. I look forward to President Bush signing this extraordinary bill into law. I am proud to be a part of a solution to make our world a better place. I empower each American to embrace this energy achievement," said Congressman Terry.

Congressman Terry has been invited to the ceremony where President Bush will sign the bill into law. The signing ceremony is set for Wednesday, December 19th at10:30am Eastern Time at the Department of Energy at 1000 Independence Ave, SW in Washington, DC.

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