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Cort wraps up California trip


Location: Unknown

Cort tours Lake County, California Republicans

Birmingham, AL (August 20, 2007) - Counter-terrorism expert, author and candidate for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination, Dr. Hugh Cort, wrapped up his first campaign trip to California over the weekend.

It is believed Dr. Cort is the first Republican presidential candidate to visit Lake County, California. On this trip Cort was the keynote speaker at the Lake County Republicans annual Pachyderm Hoedown fundraiser. Cort laid out his case as to why the counter-terrorism expert is the best choice for the Party's presidential nominee. Dr. Cort's message of stopping future terror attacks and winning the war were well received.

Cort's campaign activities included a VIP reception the day before the fundraiser at the home of Lake County Republican chairman Steve Davis and his wife Elizabeth. Cort was a guest of the couple during his stay in California.

The following day Cort addressed the Kelseyville, CA Rotary Club. Dr. Cort also visited the buffalo ranch of Rob Brown where he fired a .223 caliber rifle hitting two out of three targets from 60 yards. After tracking buffalo and shooting targets Cort was treated to a boat tour of Clear Lake by Bob and Jeanette Bartley. Then it was off to the fundraiser held at John and Joanne Van Eck's Narley Dude Ranch.

At the fundraiser Dr. Cort laid out his credentials as a counter-terrorism expert and explained to the more than 100 Republicans gathered the importance of preventing Osama bin Laden from carrying out his "American Hiroshima" plan, preserving the Second Amendment and adopting the "McInerney Plan" to win the Iraq war and the War on Terror.

Dr. Cort announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination on January 21, 2005 at the National Press Club.

Dr. Cort has campaigned in Iowa, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Rhode Island and California and continues to build an active campaign organization. The campaign has volunteers and/or paid staff in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Alabama, South Carolina, Colorado, Oklahoma, California, Ohio, Virginia, Florida, Michigan, Rhode Island and Iowa.

Dr. Cort won the first presidential straw poll held in Rhode Island. Despite Rhode Island's proximity to Massachusetts Dr. Hugh Cort was able to defeat Mitt Romney in the Narragansett and South Kingstown straw poll. Romney finished second, Rudy Giuliani placed third and John McCain finished fourth.

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