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Cort wraps up Iowa Trip


Location: Unknown

Cort addresses members of the Iowa Christian Alliance

Birmingham, AL (August 6, 2007) - Counter-terrorism expert, author and candidate for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination, Dr. Hugh Cort, wrapped up another successful campaign trip to Iowa over the weekend.

The highlight of the campaign trip was an event held by the Iowa Christian Alliance (ICA) in West Des Moines at the West Des Moines Public Library. In his speech to members of the ICA Dr. Cort said, "I am the only candidate who is clearly and definitely pointing out that if we do not stop the grievous sins of abortion and homosexual marriage, and get America back to God and get His protection and blessing, we will lose the War on Terror, and be devastated by the Islamo-terrorists who plan to destroy us."

Dr. Cort outlined his credentials as a counter-terrorism expert and explained that working with Dr. Paul L. Williams they have discovered that Osama bin Laden has a plan which he calls "The American Hiroshima" where he blows up 7 to 10 American cities with suitcase nukes.

Dr. Cort then explained to the crowd, "There is a strong possibility bin Laden has already smuggled these bombs through the porous Mexican border and they are here, probably hidden in mosques in the cities he has targeted."

The candidate closed his speech with his five questions for America: "1. Do you want to pass a Pro-Life Amendment and the Federal Marriage Amendment, and get America back to God, and get His blessing, and victory over the Islamo-terrorists who are planning to destroy us? 2. Do you want to stop Osama bin Laden's coming attack? 3. Do you want to win the War in Iraq? 4. Do you want to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons and starting World War III where 200 million or more people may die? 5. Do you want to win the War on Terror?"

Dr. Hugh Cort is a counterterrorism expert and author of the book "Saddam's Attacks on America." Dr. Cort travels North America speaking about terrorism and what we must do to stop it.

Dr. Cort announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination on January 21, 2005 at the National Press Club.

Dr. Cort has campaigned in Iowa, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama and Rhode Island and continues to build an active campaign organization. The campaign has volunteers and/or paid staff in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Alabama, South Carolina, Colorado, Oklahoma, California, Ohio, Virginia, Florida, Michigan, Rhode Island and Iowa.

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