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No Plan Offered


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More of the same offered by "frontrunner" candidates

Birmingham, AL (May 3, 2007) - Counterterrorism expert, author and candidate for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination, Dr. Hugh Cort, was not invited to tonight's presidential debate but had plenty to say.

Following the debate Dr. Cort told supporters, "The frontrunner candidates proved career politicians will do nothing but offer more of the same. None of them offered a real plan to win in Iraq."

"The key to victory in Iraq is acknowledging that Iran is playing the dominate role in destabilizing Iraq and has been for a very long time," Cort continued. "After acknowledging that fact we then must stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons and further interference in Iraq by adopting General Thomas McInerney's plan and telling Iran they stop developing fissile material, give the International Atomic Energy Agency unambiguous inspections, turn over all al Qaeda and stop supporting Hezbollah or we take their nuclear facilities out."

"None of the candidates even mentioned the fact that counterterrorism experts, including Dr. Paul Williams who I work with, say Osama bin Laden is planning new attacks on America," Cort stated. "The way to stop these attacks is to allow the FBI to search the mosques in Washington, D.C., New York City and the other eight cities bin Laden has targeted in the plan he calls American Hiroshima."

"It's time the other candidates stop hiding from these issues and offer real solutions," Cort quipped.

Dr. Hugh Cort is a counterterrorism expert and author of the book "Saddam's Attacks on America." Dr. Cort travels North America speaking about terrorism and what we must do to stop it.

Dr. Cort announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination on January 21, 2005 at the National Press Club.

Dr. Cort has campaigned in Iowa, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky and Alabama and continues to build an active campaign organization. The campaign has volunteers and/or paid staff in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Alabama, South Carolina, Colorado, Oklahoma, California, Ohio, Virginia, Florida, and Michigan.

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