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Edwards: Stop These Ads

Press Release

Location: Des Moines, IA

Edwards calls on 527 groups to stop running ads

Des Moines, Iowa - Today, after an event in Coralville, Iowa, Senator John Edwards called on 527 groups to stop running ads:

"I do not support 527 groups. They are part of the law, but let me be clear: I am asking this group and others not to run the ads. I would encourage all the 527s to stay out of the political process."

Earlier in the day Edwards said:

"I'm proud of the fact that, unlike Senator Obama, I have never taken any money from a Washington lobbyist or PAC. From my perspective that is not an academic or philosophical question. This is about who has the toughness and fight to take on corporate greed and win. And I have been doing it my entire life. And what we have is an epic fight in front of us to stop this corporate greed and to protect the middle class and jobs in this country. And that's a fight I'm ready for.

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