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Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2007

Location: Washington, DC

TAX INCREASE PREVENTION ACT OF 2007 -- (House of Representatives - December 19, 2007)


Mr. RYAN of Wisconsin. Madam Speaker, let's just say what we're doing here. What this bill does is it prevents a tax increase. Now, we have different philosophies and we have different ideas on how to keep America moving forward between Republicans and Democrats, the minority and the majority.

What the majority is doing right here is they are waiving their own budget rules. They came in promising a new pay-as-you-go system, and here they go, as soon as the going gets tough, waive PAYGO.

I find it interesting that never during the course of this debate this year did the majority ever propose to reduce spending to offset this. They only proposed raising taxes. But here we are on the eve of the end of the year, preventing 19 million additional taxpayers from paying this tax increase.

Let's look at where we were at the beginning of this year.


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