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Amt Relief Act of 2007

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. CANTOR. Mr. Speaker, just as she did this evening, on November 9 of this year, Speaker Pelosi stood on the floor of this House and told the American people that the middle class was long overdue for tax relief. She said that an AMT bill had to be about tax fairness, fiscal responsibility and keeping America competitive.

Yet, once again, Mr. Speaker, the current attempt at patching the AMT rings hollow. As the ranking member indicated, we know where this debate is going; and, frankly, we know where this bill is going: nowhere. This attempt, just as others that have failed, illustrates to me the disconnect between this majority in this House and the American people. In fact, it echoes what's been going on in this House over the last several weeks, if not months. Here we are a week and a half before Christmas and we've not finished the work that the American people sent us here to do.

But, in fact, it is the disconnect between the majority leadership and middle-class American families that troubles me most. If you look at what's going on out there, families are worried about the flagging economy which has fueled alarming levels of anxiety. In spite of a weak dollar, skyrocketing gas prices, falling home values, and other mounting concerns, the Democrat majority in this House refuses to accept the reality of a $2,000 plus tax hike facing millions of middle-class families.

Let's get to work. Let's realize that this bill isn't going anywhere.

The House majority refuses to cut taxes or sustain expiring growth, pro-growth tax cuts without first raising other taxes. Their dogged adherence to this policy as it applies to AMT puts them at odds with the American people.

The overwhelmingly bipartisan Senate bill, as has been said, rightly abandoned the misguided idea of raising taxes to cut taxes just so Washington can spend more. In this tax fight the stakes for everyday families are high, and the potential consequences are severe.

Mr. Speaker, just 4 weeks ago Speaker Pelosi stood here and promised the middle class tax fairness and fiscal responsibility. In light of this attempt, I wonder why we can't just come together, stop the political games, and support real tax relief for 23 million American families


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