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Carter Statement On Passage Of "No Energy" Bill


Location: Washington, DC


U.S. Representative John Carter (TX-31) made the following statement after voting against the Democrats' CAFE bill misguided as an energy bill that raises CAFE standards but does nothing to address the rising cost of gas prices and the need for new domestic energy.

"Americans are looking for Congress to produce an energy bill that makes use of the resources and technologies we have available in an effort to deliver the most affordable energy we can to those who need it most. I think we all share the goal of ending our dependence on foreign oil. In order to do this, we need to unlock new domestic supply, encourage conservation and promote the research and innovation necessary to develop new technologies.

"Unfortunately, the energy bill that passed the House today does nothing to alleviate the price at the pump. While this bill does include CAFE standards and starts down the path to alternative fuels, it still doesn't address the reality that hard working families are facing high heating and gasoline costs today. That problem will only continue to grow as the winter months get colder not to mention next year's summer vacation season."

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