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Carter Statement Opposing Dem Massive Spending Bill


Location: Washington, DC


House Republican Conference Secretary John Carter (TX-31) today issued the following statement after voting against the Democrat's half-trillion dollar omnibus spending bill that passed the House last night.

"This massive spending bill spans over 3,500 pages and is full of everything under the sun except vital funding for our troops. The bill was reported out of the Rules Committee less than 24 hours before it was voted on in the House. All in all, the entire Democrat Omnibus bill includes approximately 9,000 earmarks, an increase from last year.

"Although this bill includes billions in pork barrel spending, it fails to include funding for our men and women in uniform who have had undeniable success in Iraq. While the bill provides necessary funds for operations in Afghanistan, it does not provide any funding for our troops in Iraq. Why should we not provide for the needs and safety of our soldiers based solely on where they have been called to serve? This Congress needs to get its spending priorities in order and stop calling the shots from Washington, and start sending our troops the funds and resources they need to win this war and return home safely.

"All year the Democrats have been robbing Peter to pay Paul. Unfortunately, Peter is carrying 90 pounds of equipment and fighting for his country in the deserts of Iraq."

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