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Statement by Senator Mark Pryor On Passage of the Energy Bill


Location: Washington, DC

Statement by Senator Mark Pryor On Passage of the Energy Bill

The innovative, practical and diverse solutions contained in the Senate-passed energy legislation send a clear signal that we are moving on a smarter energy path and strengthening our national security. I applaud the bipartisan spirit that led to this legislation's passage, including constructive negotiations to overcome three decades of stalemate on raising fuel-efficiency standards. We will see tough, but achievable fuel economy standards implemented while preserving American jobs, motor vehicle safety and consumer choice.

We make significant investments to advance renewable energy sources, which enhances opportunities for our farmers to grow domestic sources of energy and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Moreover, this energy package recognizes energy efficiency as a major source of energy savings by improving standards on everyday products ranging from light bulbs to the construction of green buildings.

This energy package holds substantial possibilities for a cleaner, more secure nation. There is no question that the wise use of energy and environmental stewardship are enormous challenges. Our energy policy must therefore continuously evolve as new technologies emerge. Therefore, I view this legislation not as an end to the energy debate, but as the beginning of a brighter energy future.

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