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Ranking Member Hall Calls Democratic Energy Bill a Wasted Opportunity


Location: Washington, DC

Ranking Member Hall Calls Democratic Energy Bill a Wasted Opportunity

At a time when Americans are paying near-record prices for fuel, Science and Technology Committee Ranking Member Ralph Hall (R-TX) today expressed his frustration with the energy bill being brought before Congress today that does nothing to increase domestic production, or reduce the price of energy.

Hall made the following statement regarding the Democratic energy bill:

"The Majority has once again wasted an opportunity to help the American people by bringing an energy bill before Congress that does nothing to help reduce the price of gasoline and heating fuel this winter. Instead, the Democratic energy bill substantially increases taxes on our domestic oil and gas producers and mandates an across the board increase in renewable electricity production, putting an unfair burden on States that are not rich in renewable energy resources.

"Further, biomass is the only alternative fuel the bill promotes, excluding common sense alternative energy solutions such as coal-to-liquids and other clean coal technologies. Republicans on the Science and Technology Committee have attempted on numerous occasions to add coal-to-liquid technologies to energy legislation brought before the Committee. But unfortunately, this bill does nothing to harness the clean energy potential of coal, America's most abundant energy resource.

"I fully support pursuing renewable and alternative sources of energy for the future. As Ranking Member of the Science and Technology Committee, I supported legislation to bolster research and development (R&D) into alternative fuels. R&D is a bridge to energy security and independence, but these efforts need to be coupled with expanded domestic production of fossil fuels, while we transition. The American consumer benefits most from American ingenuity in all areas of domestic energy resources.

"Instead, this bill raises taxes on oil producers and requires utilities to supply escalating amounts of power from renewable sources. Further burdening our domestic energy producers will only drive up the price of energy this winter. While I support renewable and alternative energy R&D, an energy bill that does not even attempt to reduce the price of fuel or increase our domestic supply is simply a wasted opportunity."

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