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Blackburn on Omnibus Spending Bill


Location: Washington, DC

Blackburn on Omnibus Spending Bill

Criticizes Democrat Leaders for funding pork while leaving troops and defense workers out in the cold

Today, Congressman Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) joined fellow Republicans in voting to defeat a massive spending bill that fails to fund war fighters in Iraq, puts civilian jobs in the Department of Defense in jeopardy of furlough, and fails to secure our nation's borders.

"Tonight, the Democrat majority made up for months of inactivity and mismanagement by rolling eleven pieces of legislation into the largest omnibus bill ever passed by Congress. Now, as Democrat leaders look forward to pork-laden holidays among more than 9,000 of their nearest and dearest earmarks; they once again leave our troops - and those who support them at home - out in the cold."

"The half-trillion dollar spending bill passed by this House failed to provide funds critical for our war fighters to continue making progress in Iraq; progress that includes twenty four straight weeks of declining attacks. This bill also dictates an uncertain holiday season for thousands of defense employees who will face layoffs in the New Year if essential funding is not provided."

"While our national security is further eroded abroad, Democrats continue to play games with border security at home. This bill pays lip service to the construction of the border fence as mandated by the Secure Fence Act, but attaches a series of onerous conditions cynically designed to prevent another link from being built."

"Providing for America's security, and for the families of our men and women on the front lines, is Congress' most sacred responsibility. Members of this House should not return home until our troops in harms way are funded, their families back home are provided for, and our efforts to secure the border are ensured."

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